Friday, May 6, 2011

17 Seasons and Counting

In his 17 seasons of combined primary ownership of the Capitals, Mystics, and Wizards, Ted Leonsis has led his organizations to a total of two playoff series wins.  This is a .117% record.   Many Capitals fans argue he's the "best owner in sports"... we disagree.   We think a .117% record is actually pretty miserable.   In the business world, we'd even call it a failure

As a very long term season ticket holder of the Capitals (pre-dating Ted's ownership of the team), we've tried, numerous times over the years, to offer constructive criticism to "the most accessible owner in sports," sharing our views with Ted by responding in the comments section of his blog, Ted's Take.  Ted is on the record as being a strident advocate of "transparency," especially where the internet is concerned.  Let the people speak!  Or so, the spin goes.  Truth is: Ted's anything but transparent.  In fact, we say Ted's Fake.

He lives and operates in an "if I blog it, it is so" world and this style of leadership trickles down to such folks as the Capitals general manager, head coach, and superstar forward Alex Ovechkin -- playoff busts all, who live and skate in an "if I say it, it is so" world.  Anyone who begs to differ with Capitals officials and their star player is met with a resounding "nobody knows nothing," "if they knew anything about the game, they'd be in it," and (our favorite) a condescending "Be happy, you can do it!" chiding from the man himself.

Thomas Boswell of The Washington Post offers a great perspective on how Ted and his hockey team works.  Read it and reap!

Given yet another stunning playoff bust, followed by an even more stunning reaction from Capitals leadership, we decided to speak up.  We at Ted's Fake plan to hold the owner accountable. 

Starting today .... we Unleash the Fury!


  1. I'll stay away from most comments today, because I'm still in heavy-duty recovery mode from "The Sweep 2011". I will be honest and agree that the SPIN is my biggest issue. Things get spun - but no Stanley Cup gets won!
    I'm just sayin'... real people need reality Ted

  2. Teddy is not going to be happpyy

  3. Just launched yesterday.

  4. Ted Leonsis=Worst owner in sports! No owner's team fools their fans like Teddie's team of perennial playoff losers. I'm done with Caps unless they fire Boudreau and McPhee and dump Semin and Green and a real culture of accountability and leadership takes place.

  5. This is sarcasm, right? Please tell me this is sarcasm.

  6. I disagree. Ted's a good owner compared to most, especially compared to Snyder & Angelos. We have a good hockey team where its now fun to go to a game. A little playoff disappointment--whatever. . .its happened to tons of great teams. . .Gretsky's Oilers, Federov's Redwings. . .its common. Hockey Playoffs are frequently a crap shoot.

  7. Ted slides by as a "good" owner because when your competition is Snyder and Angelos (plus the world's richest tighwads, the Lerners), someone like him looks good.

    It's good to go to a game if you can afford it given how he hiked ticket prices the last few years. This will backfire next year, big time.

  8. Ted has turned this team into the only bright spot (sports-wise anyway) we have in this town. When did we turn into New York city demanding that anything less then a Stanley Cup/World Series win is a failure?

    I've been a season ticket holder for 3 years and as long as I can afford to continue doing so I plan on keeping my seats. I think the sporting world would do better to have a million more Ted's in ownership roles.

    Quit your whining and go back to your Yankee's mentality...

  9. "we've tried, numerous times over the years, to offer constructive criticism to "the most accessible owner in sports," "

    By what, telling him to sign/trade/cut/recall players? I would posit that his ignoring your "constructive criticism" actually makes him a great owner.

    Just because the Internet exists doesn't mean you should create a website to bitch and moan.

  10. We should be like NYC. When you accept anything less than success as good enough, you accept mediocrity. This is the mentality that surrounds the Caps: Oh well, sure they didn't win anything and sure they didn't meet expectations, but they're entertaining. Boo. Teams that think that way never win. In fact, anything less than success IS failure.

  11. I hear an awful lot of whining going on. And maybe is it relative to how bad our other sports teams are, but we have a team that had the second best record in hockey this, the best record last year, a refreshing "great-for-DC" owner and coach, but just because they can't win a tournament of endurance (not necessarily skill), I hear a lot of WHINING! Stop trying to find every fault and think what is was like before. Is your memory short?

    I for one am proud of the Caps. And hope others will realize the true asset they are to our town. I wish we could have a "ted" type owner for all of teams. He not suing folks for season ticket fees! There's a great product in the Caps whether you can afford the tickets and go to a game or just get to watch on TV.

    The latest payoffs are disappointing, for sure. But should heads roll? NO! STOP WHINING!

  12. I don't want to sound like a Ted apologist here, but your premise of a .117 success rate is flawed. Ted Leonsis has been a minority owner of the Wizards and Mystics up until this year. Abe Pollin was controlling owner in name - and in fact - up until his death. Ted Leonsis has had virtually nothing to do with how those two franchises have been run.

    As for his stewardship of the Capitals, I will only ask you this: how many Patrick Division titles did the team win under Abe Pollin? Answer: 1 regular season title, 1 playoff title. How many Southeast Division titles have the Caps won under Ted? Answer: 6.

    How many times did the Caps finish #1 in their conference? Abe 0, Ted 2.

    How many Presidents Trophies? Abe 0, Ted 1.

    Yes, playoff performances have been disappointing. But why don't you post this blog in the Toronto area and ask their fans how bad a job Ted is doing? Or on Long Island? Or in about 3/4 of the cities in the NHL. I think they might have a little more perspective on what is considered "miserable".

  13. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Leonsis is way overrated and I'm thrilled to see someone is going to take him to task. The local media is too enthralled to do so because Leonsis kisses up to them. GO TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. We at Ted's Take will, in the name of true transparency, let readers say what they wish. We will only respond to comments when readers catch something we got wrong OR when readers say we got something incorrect when we did not...

    Kevin wrote:

    I don't want to sound like a Ted apologist here, but your premise of a .117 success rate is flawed. Ted Leonsis has been a minority owner of the Wizards and Mystics up until this year. Abe Pollin was controlling owner in name - and in fact - up until his death. Ted Leonsis has had virtually nothing to do with how those two franchises have been run.

    Kevin, this is not true. Ted Leonsis purchased the Mystics outright years ago. When Abe Pollin passed away, Ted purchased the Wizards outright, making this past year his first season as primary owner of the Wizards. So, of the 17 seasons we speak, Ted Leonsis has been the primary owner across the board -- having EVERYTHING to do with how the franchises have been run.

  15. Sooo, "Ted" ignores the records the Caps have had under Ted as opposed to Abe, only to correct the ownership comment?

    Lets just pick and choose each individual argument we want here so we can belittle the only decent sports ownership we have in this city.

    I almost think this was created by a Penguins/Flyers fan to denigrate the success we've had these last few years.

  16. You've got to be kidding me. If we were a crap team then yes, you could moan about it. 5 years ago when we had half full arenas, Glen Hanlon as coach and no hope of fighting the way out of a paper the current set up today? Get a life.

    Ted and the group have taken us on a great run. Yes there are some problems but that the way it goes. Look at San Jose last couple years. Same issues we're having now and this year they seemed to have figured it out. We're in the same boat.

    If we missed the playoffs...or were last in the division...or worse...where we were 5 years ago...go ahead and complain.

    If you don't like it...don't go to the games. Turn in your season ticket and watch it at home with Joe B and Laughlin. I'm sure you'll not be missed...nor will your money and I guarantee...your seat will be filled within minutes by someone who wants to watch.

  17. Dews, we didn't correct anything other than reader Kevin's misunderstanding of the facts: Ted Leonsis has 17 years of primary ownership of the Capitals, Mystics, and Wizards and 2 playoff series wins.

    Here's the breakdown:

    Team, Seasons Owned, Playoff Series Wins, Pct.

    Capitals, 10, 2, .200
    Mystics, 6, 0, .000
    Wizards, 1, 0, .000

    Leonsis, 17, 2, .117

  18. I honestly don't think we should count the Mystics no one cares about the WNBA (no offense) I would back off on bashing Leonsis and place the blame on Porky the Pig who will soon be fired. I would also look at the lack of success for 40 years under Abe Pollin's ownership of the Capitals and Wizards. Calm down folks, I have faith that Leonsis will turn the Wizards around in time and that the Caps will figure out how to win in the postseason. We have too much talent not too. You all forget to look at the Curse of Les Boulez and the overall misery of DC Sports team minus Joe Gibbs I.

    Everyone needs to be more patient with Leonsis. Look at the San Jose Sharks they have finally turned their huge playoff disappointments over the last few seasons (how ironic this has occured after they fired former Caps coach Ron Wilson) and now they are doing well in the playoffs.

  19. Another fine example to prove the veracity of Mike Wilbon's statement that Washington's sports fans are the biggest collection of "whining sissies" in the world...

  20. actually, ted took full control of the Caps in 1999. so it's not 17 years, more like 14.